The market for corrugated packaging is characterized by an extreme fragmentation of capacities. The level of investment, processing technology, product quality and productivity are also very low by international standards.

Recognizing the limitations of this industry structure in an increasingly demanding environment in terms of quality, delivery lead time and volume, the Government recently amended the Industrial Development Act to remove the manufacture of corrugated fiber containers from the list of products reserved for exclusive manufacture by Small Scale Industries. This amendment effectively removes the investment cap of 1 crore rupees in plant and machinery and allows larger, better capitalized, more organized players to enter this industry.

SIPM began work on setting up its PPD division during 2007-2008 with the objective of introducing world-class products to brand owners who use paper based packaging material. With the installation of state-of-the-art board and box making equipment combined with fresh investment in the paper division to enhance the quality of Linerboard and Fluting material, SIPM aims to deliver superior value to its customers.


The Company’s support extends beyond supplying quality corrugated products into suggesting cost optimisation by redesigning the packaging and suggesting changes that bring down the overall cost of packaging for its regular customers.