Steam and Power Generation:

An 8.0MW Cogeneration facility based on various types of biomass wastes (rice husk, coffee husk, groundnut husk, tamarind husk, coconut shell) provides the plant's entire energy requirement and also facilitates export of up to 4.0 MW surplus power to the grid.

Quality Control Lab

A well-equipped lab facilitates continuous in-process testing as well as quality control of the finished product. Shift Chemists monitor process parameters and product on a 24hrs basis. Elaborate records of process parameters and product parameters are maintained for all the output.

Effluent Treatment Plant

A full-fledged Effluent Treatment Plant for liquid discharge from the plant exists. Liquid effluent is treated to standards adequate for discharge onto third party owned agricultural land.

Administrative Block

Administration, Logistics, Financial Control systems supported by SAP ERP systems and skilled staff are positioned within the premises for all transactions and operations.