In addition to the basic features of dry, dimensionally accurate and odour free boxes with an aesthetically pleasing finish, value enhancement would be in terms of improved/optimized box structural designs with superior multi-colour graphics and other features that will enhance the package appeal and convenience of display so important in modern trade retailing.

Besides plain brown boxes with single colour flexo graphic printing and glued or stapled closures, SIPM PPD is equipped to produce boxes and shelf ready packaging with four colour flexographic process printing in die cut or Regular Slotted designs.

Recognising the growing need for small and micro fluted boxes with high quality multi- colour graphics, the division is equipped with appropriate corrugating machinery for single face sheets, high speed litho laminating and die-cutting equipment.

Based on customer demand and specifications, investment in specialty folder-gluers for trays, crash-lock cartons and other similar formats is planned. SIPM-PPD Product Development team would be most happy to discuss your specific applications and product development requirements.